welcome to 사랑 psds! any psd past September 2012 will not work.
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Some gradient backgrounds you’re free to use. The dimensions are 1600x1200.

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so as you guys can obviously tell an anon asked me for a tutorial on how to make this and so here it is!!! (p.s i did not make up this whole trend and i was basically inspired by ofabeautifulnight’s post so credits to her for the whole color palette trend) ((p.s.s i’m really bad at explaining things so please bear with me))

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page # 1 - lunar by fredweasleys

preview + code

An all-in-one page with: an about, ask, links, and blogroll. Remember to put in your url for the askbox to work!

Please like or reblog this post if you use this page.

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Semi-transparent Music Player (from my Aqua Theme) :

Paste this beneath <style type=”text/css”>

  • Change the background-color and the margins in the “melody” tag.
  • Change the color of the music icon in the “reverberate” tag.

Paste this beneath <body>

  • Make sure your using this extension for this player.
  • If you don’t know how to generate your music code, go here.

If you run into any issues or problems with the codes or tutorial provided, then message me as soon as possible. If you are using this tutorial, I’d appreciate it if you reblogged it. uwu

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Theme (7) Bespectacled Beauty Revamp: live/code


  • 35 customize options
  • 250px/400px post size
  • Single/double column
  • One sidebar image (165 x 130 pixels)
  • Four custom links
  • Monochrome post option
  • Post tags on hover

Let me know if you run into any trouble or find any issues with this theme as soon as possible!!! ^

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Archive Graphic Tutorial


heloo, this is a tutorial on how to make something like this ^^~ Example posts: 1 | 2


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Theme 35: Ochinchin. Updated (posts margins).

preview - codes // best viewed in Chrome

- features :

  • 2 columns post
  • Menu on hover
  • 4 links
  • Reblog, date, note son hover
  • notes, time ago, origin, tags in permalink

- options :

  • Single Column
  • Bigger Posts
  • Endless Scroll
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#1: xilitolo
info: theme optimized for chrome.
{preview ; pastebin}

  • 250px and 400px posts
  • 10 customizable links: 6 are hidden
  • 2 sidebar images (65x30 pixels)
  • show/hide captions
  • yes/no fade photosets
  • yes/no grayscale photos
  • show title (keep it short!)
  • search bar / very thin scrollbar

insp: ladmilk’s frozen.
don’t redistribute or copy, don’t remove the credit.
reblog/like if you’re gonna use it.
the theme is still under maintenance, this means something can change if i find some errors, so feel free to tell me what’s wrong.

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preview • code

  • 250px posts
  • 4 custom links
  • infinite scroll
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theme 02; black. by parksbaek

- 250px / 400px posts

- fully customizable colors

- infinite scroll only

- webkit scrollbar

- 7 custom (optional) links

- custom sidebar position (to top and to left)

- custom sidebar width

-custom navi text

optional ;

show tags

show captions

inverted & faded tumblr controls

hover sidebar links

show title

post opacity

rounded corners

black or white audio player

(optional) black or white mini cursor

built-in music player + playlist (optimized for billy player)

LIVE PREVIEWS: dark ver. / light ver.

CODES: pastebin

you may tweak the codes however you want but please leave the credit alone. if there’s any glitch please send me a message off anon ! ;

please like/reblog if you’re using / thinking of using ! thank you. ♡

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